April 15th, 2004


So, like...

Production work, basically I was in charge of mixdowns and embellishments, for
Rachel Kann http://www.inspirachel.com


These are unreleased tracks that will end up on an album so don't spread them around.

'creepyremix.mp3' is a new beat under the 'creepycrawler.mp3' vocal. drunkenbeat2.mp3 is the original beat replaced entirely with a track of mine from a couple of years ago.

'k-9.mp3' was just a bare beat and bassline. I constructed the flute sample, and put in the rhodes chords.... the flute sample came from a loop CD, but I chopped it up and repitched individual notes and slid it around until it sounded right ...


So, I'm trying to cut down on computers -- I had a laptop, and 2 desktops in the studio, and basically stopped using the oldest one. But what I did need it for is that it has the archive of my tracks going back to about 1996 or so. And it has half-finished and barely-there track ideas that I sometimes make something of later. 1999 seems to have been a big year for me to start but not finish tracks.

So what I did is bought a PCI IDE controller to hang the old hard disks off of in the new computer, which now has 4 hard drives, a CD Burner and a DVD Burner, which is pretty obscene if you think about it. The last hard drive is drive I:

Here's a silly thing about PCs and windows. A hard drive is NEVER A or B. Those drive letters are reserved for floppy drives. My last floppy bit the dust last year when I put the power connector on it backwards. Actual smoke came out of the computer when I did that.

So anyway I now have 240 gigabytes of disk storange on one computer, and I have controller slots for 2 more. Who'd a thunk it 10 years ago.