April 21st, 2004


Way to go Edward Kennedy


Good Ol Edward Kennedy sure did give some stick to Paul Wolfowitz, saying he was "somewhat disingenuous" in his testimony before a congressional committee. That's socking it to him!

Note to Kennedy: 'somewhat' is a weasel word. If you want to say something, say what you can say without qualifiers. PS I don't know if a poll has ever been taken, but my guess is 'disingenuous' is not a word whose meaning is known by a large percentage of Americans. Play to the cheap seats, big guy.

Further note: I don't know what you can do at this late date, but that big, mottled dinner-plate-sized blob of a face you're rocking is scaring people away from voting Democratic. All Fox News has to do is flash your head shot and people run screaming. I have one word for you: diuretics.