April 25th, 2004


this weekend

1. Shawn Rudiman absolutely killed Friday night. His live set was Access Virus, Korg ES-1, Korg ER-1, TR-909, and he borrowed my TR-727. He had some sequences in an MMT8 for the Access Virus, but everything else was programmed live in write mode. I completely understand how he did it but the fact is I could NEVER make it into the sort of set he pulls off. On top of that, there's something absolutely magical about a 909 through a big system.

2. Sat night we chilled at the Casa De DJ and watched Tribute, which was amazingly funny. It's running on Showtime this month I guess.

3. Tonight, Prime Suspect was the shit.The first part was last week. Maybe it's just a British crime drama, but everybody in it was great, the script was pretty good, and I couldn't look away for nearly 2 hrs. All of the "Prime Suspect" shows are out on video now, there's 6 4 hr episodes. Helen Mirren is such a great actress.