May 3rd, 2004


Sean & Jordana Get Married

Went on the whirlwind tour of Queens, Yonkers, and parts various of Long Island, that comprised my brother Sean's wedding. The whole thing was great fun, and S&J were very happy. I took pictures of the rehearsal dinner

and wedding

Jordana is jewish, and we're a bunch of slackers who are Mormon on my mother's side. All I got to say is that if I had to choose based on how fun the weddings are, I'd be a Jew. At least when the Davis' family does it, the mazeltov dancing is some mad combination of square dancing and a rugby scrum.

And I took a bunch of random out-the-car-window shots of Brooklyn and Long Island: I really like a couple of the pics of people on the sidewalk. Those were all taken on Flatbush avenue in Brooklyn.

The ineffable effing effwits

So last night in the Minneapolis Airport, I wandered into the bookstore by our gate. The woman cashiering was wearing hijab, and if I had to guess, was Somali or Egyptian. She was talking in (I think) Arabic to a guy who worked in the airport. A white guy who was also in the store, walked over to her and asked her to speak English because "some customers might find that offensive."

The woman looked at him like he had one eye in the middle of his forehead, and went back to her conversation.

While I was getting a coffee at the st*r*ucks next door, the guy came in and asked how he could get ahold of the person who owned the bookstore. I guess he wanted to complain about the bookstore woman. I know that there are people that prejudiced and ignorant, but it felt really ugly to see it going on up close.