May 7th, 2004



Most have you have been enjoying a respite from my posts about politics. Well, respite no more, bitches.

I sure am surprised at the shitstorm over the way we're treating Iraqi prisoners. For one thing, there was news reports months ago about problems and investigations. What changed was a bunch of creepy photos of the hijinks. For another, for all the flowers and candy rhetoric coming out of the White House, we're fighting a war of occupation. We are the jailors, the Iraqis are the prisoners. Brutality is par for the course. Hell, give your average Iraqi the choice between getting shot versus simulating fellatio, they'll choose fellatio every time. They won't be happy about it, but thems the breaks.

What's wrong is that we're occupying Iraq at all, not that we're not being nice enough about the whole thing. To howl for Rumsfeld's resignation over the treatment of prisoners is absurd -- the man is responsible for the needless killing of thousands of people, Iraqi, Afghani, and American. The fact that a few sadists had their way in a prison on his watch is small beer indeed.

Not to beat a dead horse...

This link came from Joshua Micah Marshall's blog:

The first letter is a soldier's indignant complaint about the treatment of prisoners in Iraq. What's weird is to read that, and then read on into the next letter, which is about a program to stop bullying in the schools at the Rammstein military base. I read about half of it before I realized that the writer wasn't talking about the Iraqi prisoner scandal.