May 17th, 2004


Bad Fathers

The Bad Fathers, formerly known as The Committee, are a hip hop group that has been banging around in Iowa City for the past 4 years or so. Along with Tack Fu, I've worked with these guys off and on pretty much since they moved here from Des Moines. Juan and Austin, the MCs and primary writers for the group have been living hand to mouth, without day jobs, for the entire time, and have developed a surprising knack for self-promotion and business. They've also gained a strong following for their live performances, with what's currently a 3 piece band led by Jethro, who makes most of their beats in the studio.

I actually saw them play twice this weekend, once at Gabe's (with the mighty Bottomfeeders), and once at a graduation kegger. At both shows they elicited loud enthusiastic reactions from substantial audiences. More than anyone recently coming out of Iowa City, I think they have a chance at really blowing up nationwide. It's kind of cool being in on a musical project that has a chance of real success.

Two things I learned from the weekend: 1) Some women should NOT get on stage, take off their shirts, and jump up and down. No I didn't have my camera with. 2) a 3 piece band can drown out 3 MCs going through an underpowered PA. I don't think it seriously took away from their performance that much -- this was at a kegger, after all. The vocals all sounded like they they were processed through a big muff.

Anyway, if you're at all curious Bad Fathers

The "Tack Fu Presents The Production Team 85 Decibel Monks" CD is going out to distributors with a street date of July 16th and should have national distribution into finer hip hop record shops. This represents 3 years of work by Tack, Clancy, Hart, & I, with appearances by some well known underground MCs. Buy it, bitches.