May 18th, 2004


crate digging

Hip Hop crate digging is a whole nother thing. This is about trying to put together a record crate that's all pre-1985.

0. Pick a record out of the hopeful pile.

1. Needle drop on each track, anything between 115-135 bpm? Yes go to 2, no, put record in reject pile, go to 0.

2. Do any of the dance tempo tracks sound dope? If yes, stick record in crate. If not put record in reject pile. Go to zero.

I got a record in a lot from E-bay today that has 2, maybe 3, stellar disco tracks. One has enough conga breaks and horn riffs to make a ripping filter disco track. It's so dope I'm afraid to mention it.

Oh and I got 2 Sugar Hill 12" and a Coldcut record from 1988, "Doctoring The House"

AND ... I have the Patrice Rushen "Watch Out" 12" coming with a Francois Kevorkian remix, and you don't ;-)