May 28th, 2004


The Independent News Media At It's Best

Council Bluffs Iowa's Daily Nonpareil is a newspaper apparently written by high school Journalism students with head trauma. I'm sure every day would bring a new occasion for journalistic mirth, but today's issue includes the headlines "Several Charges Filed in Hit, Run" and "Horse Shot In March Now Poisoned."

LITTLE SIOUX - Scott Pape is looking for the person or people who poisoned his horse, Josie. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is trying to help.
Pape said it's the second time Josie's been targeted. "She was shot behind the front shoulder in March," he said.
His daughter's donkey, Baby, was shot and killed at that time. Josie survived.

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NY Times Article on Excessive Blogging

To celebrate four years of marriage, Richard Wiggins and his wife, Judy Matthews, recently spent a week in Key West, Fla. Early on the morning of their anniversary, Ms. Matthews heard her husband get up and go into the bathroom. He stayed there for a long time.

"I didn't hear any water running, so I wondered what was going on," Ms. Matthews said. When she knocked on the door, she found him seated with his laptop balanced on his knees, typing into his Web log, a collection of observations about the technical world, over a wireless link.

A social problem doesn't exist until someone describes it as such. THANK YOU NEW YORK TIMES.
PS This is my second LJ entry in, like, 10 minutes and it's 6:29 AM.