June 5th, 2004


Tooting one's own trombone

Terrence Parker dropped my name in his bio in the official Movement 2004 program. This makes me wish I was more diligent about -- and better at -- making tracks. It also makes me appreciate even more what a kind soul TP is. In a music business where people schmooze and it doesn't really mean much, Terrence has shown to me that you can be genuine and spread the love. He, as much as anyone, has reason to feel cynical and refuses to do so. And rather than look at other musicians as competitors he does what he can to lift everyone up.


John Beltran is the don

Brazilian Bossa Nova/Samba done with a dance sensibility. Perhaps the this is what they mean by broken beat in London. Whatever -- for me it's like all the brazilian records I loved in the 70's without the corny Jazz Fusion tracks. I highly recommend it.