June 8th, 2004


Venus Transits Sun Bitch!

On hold with Orbitz. Randomly check recent posts from LJ Front Page:

darkenedlife317: "its so incredible to be 16 and in love so much to the point where you know in your mind, heart, and soul that you want to be with that person for the rest of your life...well thats how i feel about charlie. anyways life is good now and i wouldnt trade it for the world. i havent even thought about suicide in about a month..."

Charlie's one lucky guy.

whitle: "I went to Joshy's game today and he is playing better and better with each game. Yesterday, he got hit by a big Chevy diesel truck, but I am not going to go into details with that, I am just thankful to *GOD* that everyone is okay."

Those *XIANS* seem to *REALLY* want *GOD* to *STAND OUT* in their *POSTS*

combatgirl1988 'I remember spying on Grumpy through the mirrored ceiling for Margot at the semi-formal. "He's wiping his mouth. He's talking to May. He's wiping his mouth. He's standing up. He's sitting down. He's wiping his mouth. He's drinking. He's wiping his mouth. He's looking this way. He's talking to May. He's looking this way. He's pointing this way." *realizes* "Oh, shit." *turns away*'

I guess combatgirl1988 is SpecOps or something. I wonder what happened to combatgirls 1 thru 1987 inclusive.


muccamukk: "Dad says that the Americans are very nice. They don’t have guns or anything. "

Dear Muccamukk, your dad lies. Whe have guns. Lots of guns.

AmandaLeaOU: youre the fucking dramatic one. abortion slut? hymen intact?
AmandaLeaOU: fuck that shit.
amoreemorto: hahah yep
AmandaLeaOU: molly's hymen is hardly intact
amoreemorto: ha! no one said it was perfect
amoreemorto: two times hardly ruined anything
amoreemorto: one and a half i suppose
AmandaLeaOU: im sorry shes afraid of penises

I feel bad for molly.

metallicarey: "Fuckin' A do I love pancakes! Especially with strawberry jam. I also like bean burritos but pancakes are cooler. I could eat pancakes all day every day. With maybe a break for some beany goodness. Bedtime!"

OK then!