August 16th, 2004


Song of the day

Eek-a-mouse Dyer Maker

Eek-a-mouse has been a popular figure in Jamaica for almost 30 years, and is the sort of pound-a-week-of-ganja nutter only Jamaica can produce. Who else would cover a Led Zeppelin song that was their rip-off of roots reggae, and make it into such a clownish tour de force? And manage to incorporate the 'Batman' theme as a little bonus?

Eek-a-mouse even did a version of "The Godfather Theme" (Gangster Chronicles), illustrating another great meme in Jamaican music -- the whole canon of American music is just so much raw material -- no song so crapulent that they won't do a cover version. All of the Clint Eastwood Ennio Morricone western themes have reggae versions, andI have an old Trojan compilation that has a version of "Mr. Bojangles" fer cryin out loud -- complete with dopey orchestra arrangement that they loop rather than pay for the orchestra to play it twice.


oh yeah moviezzz

"The Manchurian Candidate" was kinda crap. Great acting, sometimes kinda good script, great production values, photography and editing, but an action movie without very much actions. It seemed kinda boring. And good ol Jonathan Demme in full on Hollywood Liberal mode, filling the soundtrack with news reports that are oh so topical in This Election Year.

Note to Demme: If you're going to make a political thriller, make it thrilling, or at least have a bunch of loud noises and blinking lights or something. If you want to make a political film, don't shoehorn it into a remake of a classic.

Denzel Washington is such a great actor, though. There's never a moment in any film he's in where he's not completely convincing and fascinating to watch. Because I was addicted to "St. Elsewhere" back in the day I got in on the ground floor. On that show his foil was Alfre Woodard, who is every bit as good as Denzel.

And since I'm mentioning black actors: CCH Pounder. She's really good on The Shield, but she needs to star in another movie. No one does Pissed-Off like CCH Pounder. You could use her to strip furniture -- just get her mad at it and the finish will spontaneously combust.