September 3rd, 2004



So if you look around a little about vegetarian cooking they recommend you eat Kale. This is something I've never tried, so I bought a bunch.

This is one intimidating vegetable. The bunch I got was almost 2 feet long, with large, frilly, dark green leaves. It's all full of vitamins & minerals and antioxidants.

So I put some in soup and it was decent. Then last night, I took the remainder and stirfried it with tofu, onions, garlic, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. That's the recipe. If you measure ingredients, you're a girlie man.

So I eat this, and 3 hrs later when I'm going to bed, I start feeling warm all over and my feet were tingling. It feels like a strong analgesic; all sorts of minor aches and pains have disappeared. What is in this stuff? Now (the next day) my feet are still unusually warm. It's as though Kale is some sort of uber vasodialator.

This is a weird, but ultimate pretty good feeling. If you feel like experimenting on yourself, tell me how it turns out.


Eek A Mouse "Dyer Maker" was my track of the day last week.

Like I said he's an funny, unusual vocalist. He comes up with his own lyrics to unlikely songs, like Ennio Morricone's Spaghetti Western themes. What separates him from a lot of Jamaican musicians is the pure silliness that he puts into every track, even though they work as deep roots reggae.

It turns out there is a very gooed Eek A Mouse Website, with a bunch of mp3s:
Eek-A-Mouse-Queen Elizabeth.mp3


Is That All There Is?

Is it just me or did Bush not land one real blow on Kerry in his speech last night? I know that it was a speech about him, and all he had was a couple of lame jabs that anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Bush campaigns misleading attack ads, know are taken completely out of context. It was an effective speech from the standpoint that it reiterates once again where he stands. He's for writing discrimination against a minority of the constitution, he is against women's right to make medical decisions for themselves, he is willing to commit American military power against any perceived threat, apparent or real.

I thought Kerry was trending in absolutely the wrong direction before that speech, but I think that if that's the worst he has to offer, Bush is sunk.

And boy that Zell Miller sure underlined his credibility when he said he wished he could challenge Chris Matthews to a duel on Hardball. If that wasn't a 'Howard Dean' scream moment I don't know what is. And Jon Stewart did a great sequence on that interplay. My favorite part is this exchange:

MATTHEWS: This is not a show for this kind of talk. Are you accusing [Kerry] of shooting himself on purpose to avoid combat or to get credit?
MALKIN: I‘m saying that‘s what some of these...
MATTHEWS: Give me a name.
MALKIN: Patrick Runyan (ph) and William Zeldonaz (ph).
MATTHEWS: They said—Patrick Runyan...
MALKIN: These people have...
MATTHEWS: And they said he shot himself on purpose to avoid combat or take credit for a wound?
MALKIN: These people have cast a lot of doubt on whether or not...
MATTHEWS: That‘s cast a lot of doubt. That‘s complete nonsense.