September 5th, 2004


Why Do The Heathens Rage?

Frank Rich has a very good column in the New York Times on Kerry's image problems.

This is precisely the sort of article that will get all the conservatives fuming and hating on the New York Times. But Rich's column, his opinions aside, fact-checks better than anything on 'The O'Reilly Factor.'

Kerry really needs to kick it up a notch. And he can't do it by complaining about Republican tactics. He needs to have his ops-research people digging out every nasty little thing about the Bush Administration and trumpet it to the skies. It should be pretty easy pickings since the Bush Administration is basically a giant ball of nasty, dishonest ploys held together with duct tape.

Hell, he'd do well to challenge Bush to a duel. Tell Dubya he wants to go 'mano a mano', as Dubya challenged his father back in the day.

Oh yeah, and too bad about Clinton's heart, but I think he should have refused calls from Cheney and Bush. "Get well soon?" -- yeah, right. Cheney and Bush need to be unmasked for who they really are -- craven, self-serving, nasty, cynical, and dishonest to the core.

PPS Ask anyone in the Austin TX club scene about the Bush girls. Couple of dumb, drunk, rich skanks.