October 6th, 2004


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First we had Bush doing the "I'm crushing your head!" hand gesture:

Now from the Cheney Edwards debate: "I'm crushing your WHOA NEVERMIND!"

Debate Spam

1. As a 'debate qua debate' I think it's a draw. Cheney was helped by occasionally appearing human, dare I say humane? Edwards' puppy-like enthusiasm can could cut either way. Cheney's strategy seemed to be to misdirect and obfuscate at every turn, to draw Edwards into countering every distortion and disingenuous barb instead of making points of his own. Points off for Edwards repeating word-for-word things Kerry said last week.

2. Apparently Cheney has met Edwards -- all the bloggers are posting the same CSPAN image of them together at a prayer breakfast. Edwards' daughter was on CNN saying that Elizabeth Edwards went right up to Cheney after the debate and said "don't you remember we were at that prayer breakfast together, and at Libby Dole's swearing-in ceremony?" Good for her.

3. Cheney didn't look at his watch, but by about the halfway point he looked really tired and started mumbling. He put his hands together and rested his chin on them, unfortunately blocking his microphone, so that his muttered monotone became even more indistinct. Maybe he needs to get a new battery in his pacemaker, or have a cup of coffee before events like this?

4. Just so you don't think I'm just a Bush/Cheney basher, here's a really unfortunate picture of Edwards, from his own website:

Bottom line: stick to the suits, John!