October 8th, 2004


Plus I want them all voting for me

OK Here was my WTF moment from tonight's debate:

MICHAELSON: Mr. President, if there were a vacancy in the Supreme Court and you had the opportunity to fill that position today, who would you choose and why?

BUSH: I'm not telling.


I really don't have -- haven't picked anybody yet. Plus, I want them all voting for me.

Now when I first heard it what came immediately to mind is the Supreme Court voting him into office in 2000. Looking at the transcript, it sounds like what he means is he wants potential candidates for the Court to all vote for him, and somehow they won't if he names someone in answer to this question. Which is just plain weak and weird.

What the hell was he on about? Did he have the gall to make a joke about the Supreme Court stopping the recount and giving him the Presidency?