October 12th, 2004


On the geek beat

If you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as my dept recently did, there's no applications to play mp3 files. Some time ago I made a build of MPlayer which will play some movie files in Firefox that didn't seem supported by RHEL out of the box.

mplayer has zero user interface -- well, you can run it in a shell window and it will interpret keys you type as transpfort controls, but that's a fairly antediluvian UI. But if you're a keyboard jockey, it ain't so bad.

The good thing, though, if you actually use a terminal window and shell commands, is that it's easy to tell mplayer to play a bunch of files:

mplayer *.mp3

Or to play all the files in the current directory and all its subdirectories:

mplayer ` find . -name \*mp3 `

To generate a random playlist, I needed a stream randomizer
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So now i can use mplayer to generate a random playlist of all the mp3 files in the current directory:

mplayer ` find . -name \*mp3 | randomize `

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