November 17th, 2004


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If you pay attention to silly news you probably know that a woman is auctioning off a grilled cheese sandwich that she claims bears the likeness of the Virgin Mary on

On close inspection, I think this is a hoax. No one know exactly what the Virgin Mary looked like, of course, but most of these 'phantom BVMs' resemble the Mary of European religious art. The Cheese Sandwich Virgin looks a lot like other famous people.

THE SANDWICH Marlene Dietrich? Madonna?

EDIT: Now I really know who the holy toast looks like: Faye Dunaway!

Outrage fatigue

So last night on "All Things Considered" they had a story that went on at length about how the soldier who shot the unarmed, wounded guy in Fallujah might be within the law, if not actually justified. Christ on a bicycle! That soldier killed an unarmed man who put up no resistance! Why is NPR trying to justify his actions?

I know the Election has everyone down but spend a few minutes reflecting on just what a dirty mess Iraq is, and how badly we've been served by our President. Now he's doing a purge of the executive branch to remove anyone that might have the gall to disagree with him on anything. He's prosecuting a war that he never should of started in the first place in the most brutal, wrongheaded way possible. All of the violence and brutality that are going on in Iraq are directly and finally HIS FAULT.

Just because he won the election is no reason to grant him a free ride. Bush is the worst US President since Warren G. Harding. Hell, he makes Harding look good. His EVERY ACTION seems calculated to make the world worse. The News media seems willing to roll over and play dead, but they're all corporate tools anyway. We, on the other hand, have nothing to lose and everything to gain if we stay engaged with the political process, and if we can't stop Bush, at least we can tell anyone who will listen what he's doing and why it's bad for the country.