December 15th, 2004


Easy Listening!

So as I said I'm recording old records for my great-aunt Idonna, and while I'm hearing some amazing cheese, every so often something blows me away. Tonight it was Tony Bennett singing "It Could Happen To You." Bennett is one of those 'make it sound effortless' sort of singers, but the combination of his voice, sitting right in the rhythmic pocket, with piano, conga, and acoustic bass, it's pure effing musical magic. Like it doesn't sound dated at all, just perfect.

Of course it is followed by "Moon Song" by the Ray Conniff singers, which is godawful.

The album is called "The Headliners '66" and considering that it's the year the Beatles released "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" this stuff was already a throwback. It's sad really that so much musical and technical talent went into making fantastic recordings of sad kipple like some of this.

Anyway, after I get done recording this side, I'll encode the Tony Bennett song ...