December 19th, 2004


God Used A Burning Bush Before

When I was at angryrobot's house on Saturday I saw the creepiest music video EVAR.

Barbara Fairchild has this song called "God Used A Burning Bush Before" which equates George Dubya Bush with the burning bush from the Book Of Exodus, that spoke to Moses. I wish I could find the lyrics on line because it was MENTAL. She seems to think that Bush is guided by God in his reaction to the September 11th attacks. The video shows Bush along with Bin Laden, and missles being launched, while going on and on about Bush's divine inspiration.

This is something that even an unnamed Democrat less funereal and confused than John Kerry could never counter -- the people who apparently see a divine hierarchy of God, Bush, and the rest of us last. The Flying K truck stop in Pennsylvania we were at had a picture of Bush on his knees praying in a grove of trees, with a heavenly light streaming down on him. It was eerily like the Mormon paintings of Joseph Smith praying.

Am I being a pointy-headed liberal by not being impressed by Bush's piety? Am I alone in thinking that if he's divinely inspired, then God must be a really crappy inspirer?