January 18th, 2005


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MLK's last speech (link from TPM

"And also in the human rights revolution, if something isn't done, and in a hurry, to bring the colored peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed."

Words to think about, as we spend money and lives to kill brown people yet again.

Good Ol Condi

bdu linked to Barbara Boxer's Questioning of Condoleeza Rice at her confirmation hearing

I think it's important to state what Barbara Boxer wasn't able to state directly: Condoleeza Rice is a liar. George W Bush is a liar. They will say whatever they think people want to hear to get what they want, and later they'll deny they said it, or blame the press for misquoting them, or lay down a fog of prevarication to obscure the lie. Then they'll turn around and tell another whopper.

George W. Bush, right now, is lying about Social Security. He is saying the same number over and over again "10 Trillion Dollar Trust Fund" which is a ridiculous exaggeration based on bad statistics. He wants to borrow trillions of dollars in order to allow young workers to divert part of their payroll taxes into investment accounts. Instead of addressing the shortfall which will begin 42 years from now by restructuring financing of a decent program, he wants to put the government to go even further in debt to provide a program that duplicates what workers can already do: divert part of their income before taxes into investments for their retirement.

He lied about his rationale for the war. There were plenty of people -- me, for instance -- who doubted the veracity of his claims of WMD in Iraq. The intelligence didn't pass the gut test with a lot of people. It is the everlasting shame of the Democrats that the majority of them went along with his plans for war -- something they did because they were too gutless to buck the opinion polls. He lied about war with Iraq being a last resort -- he started the war even though UN inspectors had found no evidence of WMD. Thousands of people have died for his lies.

His next big policy initiative -- Tort Reform -- is another big fat lie. He keeps saying that it's a major cause of the rise in health care costs -- which it simply is not. What he's proposing is essentially a giveaway of billions of dollars to insurance companies that should go to people who are legitimate victims of fraud and negligence. While there may be legitimate ways to reform tort law, capping damages at a ridiculously low amount just turns lawsuits from something companies and professionals strenuously seek to avoid by doing their jobs right, into just another cost of doing business.

He lies when he claims to have a good environmental record, when he's put former lobbyists in charge of regulating the industries for which they lobbied, and sought to hobble the clean air act.

Basically, if his lips are moving, he's probably lying. And he's got a chorus of the converted willing to sing back to him whatever bullshit he spins, and with his lies, he is doing more damage to the country than any president in living memory. He makes Nixon look like Abraham Fucking Lincoln.

Just keep that in mind. Everything Bush -- and Rumsfeld, and Cheney, and Rice, and Wolfowitz, and Gonzales -- says should be subjected to this test in your mind: How is what he saying a lie, and what is his motivation for telling it? Applying this test is the least possible you can do as a good citizen.