February 14th, 2005


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Oh and Terrence Parker really banged it, as did Lady Espina. I missed most of Ed209's set, but he does a good job on drum&bass. Kernel Scurry mixed happy hardcore well enough, but my god is that irritating music. I have his whole set on MP3, and I should send it to him, but actually listening to it again would be like kryptonite to me.

My finest moment on the mic -- during the sound check, not in front of people -- while Ed was playing -- "BIG UP THE SELECTAH, WITH HIS POCKET PROTECTAH'

I don't know how many people actually came but it was hot and the walls and floor were sweating, which hasn't happened there for a while. You can see the sweat on people in some of my pictures ... it really felt good.

Are Vulcans the Lost Tribe?

If you listen to National Public Radio much, you've probably caught Leonard Nimoy reading Jewish literature. He hosts Jewish Stories From The Old World To New.

And of course, Nimoy played Spock on Star Trek. But to make a completely unjustified, yet tantalizing, leap: Was Spock a Jew?

Now, I don't want to tiptoe into the minefield of stereotypes about Jews to look for clues, and really this is a totally nerdoid avenue of research. But I kind of like the idea. Maybe the Vulcan devotion to logic is some future extrapolation out of the rigorous tradition of talmudic scholarship.

And leaving aside fictional characters, Leonard Nimoy is a pretty damn cool guy. He's a great actor -- something that's not widely accessible, since Spock meant he'd never have another high profile acting job. He's had a widely ridiculed singing career, but if you actually listen to his stuff, his voice has a certain craggy appeal.

And he's an artistic photographer as well. Maybe not in the top ranks of the field, but I kind of like his NSFW self portrait.
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How cool is that?