February 21st, 2005


8 Mile

I finally saw '8 Mile' on VH1 yesterday. It really was a valiant effort, but I find it most enjoyable to think about it as a remake of Mariah Carey's inimitable "Glitter." It's a hard film not to like, honestly, but it has its silly moments. Kim Basinger is pretty rockin, and Em does a nice job of playing himself. But the romance subplot was awkward in the extreme, and not as interesting to me as the creative process.

From my peripheral involvement in the world of hip hop -- hey, don't laugh -- the truth of what goes on involves a lot more serious work on the music, and a lot less rumbling with rival posses. No matter how they front like thugs, hip hop takes a lot of writing, practicing, studio time, and promotion, and a real thug is too busy thugging to get it done.