April 2nd, 2005



For one reason or another CNN was on the TV most of the day as I did errands and such. The Pope sure died! Never in a million years would I have thought that Christiane Amanpour would have so much to say about the Pope!

Aaron Brown was, as usual, the poster boy for Xanax. Talk about flatness of affect!

As for the Pope, well he was, y'know the Pope. On the plus side, he was against war and against capital punishment. On the other hand he opposed the use of condoms, even to help prevent AIDS. On the one hand, he helped bring down the communists in Poland. On the other hand, he shut down Liberation Theology in South America. And there were all the pedophile Priests the Catholic Church harbored and protected over the years. But he was for third world debt relief. So as a world figure, I give him a mixed report card.

Of course, Jesus did say "judge not lest ye be judged." So forget I said anything.