June 3rd, 2005


A meme

I don't do these things but my friend Dave Walker Passed me the musical baton.

Total Volume of music on my computer? Which one -- 3 or 4 gig at work, various things I ripped and DJ mixes. At home? like 40 gig, not counting my own music in uncompressed wavs, albums I mastered for people, etc.

Last CD I Purchased: The Flashbulb "Kirlian Selections", at the Detroit Underground show.

Playing Right Now: DJ 3000 "Perserverance" Mix CD, purchased from the man himself at SID. five dolla cheep

5 Songs that mean a lot to me:
Weather Report "Boogie Woogie Waltz"
Thelonius Monk "Crespicule With Nelly"
Robert Johnson "Come On In My Kitchen"
Beatles "In My Life" (corny I know, but imagine hearing it before all the maudlin twats got to it. and that George Martin harpsichord solo ...)
My Bloody Valentine "Soon" -- pretty much everything by MBV from "Isn't Anything" on.

5 People To Whom I'm passing the Baton:

Fuckin Ponzi schemes. Do this meme if you want, I'm not going to inflict it on you.