July 5th, 2005


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Talk about yer coincidences. Until Friday, we owned a building that my wife's store used to occupy, but we sold it to the foundation that runs Uptown Bill's Small Mall. They plan on using it (I guess) as a furniture store to sell furniture refinished by disabled people.

Then yesterday, I watched part of Bill on TV Land, the TV movie starring Mickey Rooney about Bill Sackter, the guy for whom Uptown Bill's is named. And one of the characters in the movie was based on the guy we sold the building to.

When I was an undergrad, I used to go to Wild Bill's cafe in the school of social work, for cheap coffee and a cookie, and later when I worked at the hospital, I saw Bill there quite a bit, as it was right before he died and he had health problems. He was always a pleasant guy to talk to; whatever his handicaps were, they didn't get in the way of him being a ray of sunshine to everyone he met. He was also much taller than Mickey Rooney, and not as obviously impaired as Mickey Rooney played him ....

Let him be buyin Air Force One

Overheard cell phone conversation on the bus:

"Don't be talking him down, just let him be ... don't be talking him down ... let him be buyin up Air Force One and shit and you just keep shoppin at Walmart and paying low prices..."