July 9th, 2005


Enough politics, let's eat!

God bless the farmer's markets. This is an anti-recipe, meaning you choose which vegetables, you decide how much of each ingredient by eye and nose. The best cooking (aside from baking, which works best if you measure carefully) is done without measuring any ingredients.

Boils some new potatoes until cooked through but still firm.

Chop a random assortment of fresh vegetables that you like, preferably grown near where you live, organically.

Chop some garlic and fresh basil.

Cut your potatoes into bite size chunks.

Heat a generous amount of walnut oil in a Wok until it's beginning to smoke a bit.

Dump your vegetables into the wok and stir fry until they start softening up a bit.

Add potatoes.

Keep frying stirring gently with a wooden spoon so your potatoes don't fall apart until everything is cooked to your taste.

Salt and pepper to taste, and dribble with some balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. Eat until stupidly satisfied.

You can do this sort of thing with any oil, but walnut oil is great for this sort of thing. It's high in Omega3 fatty acids, it has a distinctive, yet delicate taste, and it has a high burn temperature so you can run your wok hot.