July 18th, 2005


Wedding Crashers

You know how you want to go to those comedy movies, because hey, you like a good laugh, and you kinda like the actors too, but then you go and the movie kinda sucks?

Wedding Singer isn't that movie. It is maybe about 10 minutes too long but it's also really funny all the way through. It also does something that you don't see much in comedies -- usually people are dumb, or they're assholes, or they're nuts, but the characters don't have any self-consciousness. Wedding Crashers is a little deeper than that. Not Lifetime Message Movie deep, but the characters seem -- with the exception of the foul-mouthed granny -- to actually inhabit the life they're purportedly living.

Owen Wilson is pretty much money in the bank in a comedy, but Vince Vaughn was the real star. I've only been peripherally aware of him as an actor, but he was pretty close to perfect in this movie. And he's taller than me which means he's enormous; even more credit for the director putting him in two shots with shorter actors occasionally, instead of trying to hide his size. And he could be just another pretty face actor -- he's conventionally handsome, with perfect hair -- but somehow he doesn't have the blankness that plagues handsome actors. He's someone that shouldn't get stuck doing just comedies, because his intensity could be used so many other ways.