July 24th, 2005


I had a thought ...

The other night I went to dooriya's going-away-from-Iowa party, which started out for me a bit awkward, as Dina was the only person I knew there, and everyone else wasn't even half my age. But Mr. Coke and Dr. Bacardi soon made me feel more at home. I managed to get 3 healthy cocktails out of my liter of coke & half liter of rum before the party reached the tipping point whereby more people show up who did not bring their own beverages, hoover up all the alcohol and leave. Wankers.

But in a moment of 3 cocktail clarity, I decided that the whole problem with relationships with other people are caused by one thing: taking one too many steps forward. In other words, you kind of don't like someone, but haven't really mixed it up with them? Things get ugly when you get close enough to start a row. Have some member of the opposite (or same, as you like it) sex who like and admire? Make a pass at them and watch things unravel.

When one has had drinks, the slightest fancy can seem like the basis of some sort of Unified Field Theory, and this one is, to wit: One can have cordial relations with anyone just as long as one successfully judges and maintains the proper balance of intimacy and distance.

As to the party, dooriya was the perfect party girl, dancing with reckless abandon to the iPod, and acting out the entirety of "Hollaback Girl." It's sometimes the case that a spectacle can be made of one's self and it's just the thing -- such was the case the other night. Dina is an endlessly entertaining and endearing person who shall be missed in Iowa City. I wish her luck in her various endeavors and journeys, and look forward to her reports on same!