July 29th, 2005


band name idea

came up in a French website I was trying to convince myself I could understand:

Beaucoup Plus!

The use of 'Plus' french is so Orwell.

My favorite french expression is "Je suis désolé." which mistranslates as "I am desolate", but means "I'm sorry." When you say "I'm sorry" in English you mean primarily that you regret something you've done, or something that happened, but it doesn't necessarily imply that you're emotionally affected. In French "Je suis désolé" has that same modern meaning, but the usage came from the "I am desolate" connotation: It indicates that you personally feel "lonely, forlorn, or wretched" (from dictionary.com) because of whatever it is you're sorry about.

I don't know its the general case that the Romance languages in general use emotional terms to convey things that in English contain much less affect. But if you hang out for any amount of time with French or Italian people, you'll see their emotions ride closer to the surface than ours do. Family dinners I've been to in France sounded like arguments, when for them it was just normal dinner crosstalk.