September 2nd, 2005


On the topic of Off Topic

This guy is Kris Weston, who used to work with LX Patterson in The Orb. He posted this to the Reaktor Yahoo Group. In a post the other day he admitted that he doesn't actually use Reaktor, and has never paid for a copy. Furthermore all his posts of late has been him screeching about how the Final Scratch Hardware he bought isn't working properly with Tractor/FS, and how horrible Native Instruments is. Stanton Final Scratch is A) not Reaktor at all and B) Sold by Stanton, not Native Instruments.

From: Kent Williams
Subject: Re: [Reaktor-list] New Orleans gets dicked by federal government (repost)

F*cking hell Kris, there are a billion forums on the Internet for political views. This mailing list is about that program what you can't be arsed to pay for by that load of German c*nts what you hate. So other than as a rude form of entertainment, your posts to this list are a priori redundant.

I don't care if people get off topic from time to time but let's not get absurd.

On 9/2/05, K. Weston wrote:
> LOL heheh... good one ....
> never knew you had such strong beliefs, well done!
> i think there should be a concerted effort by all right minded people to
> take over every email list and email address and forum and newsgroup
> until the world is rid of the scourge of capitalism...