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September 4th, 2005

Water Of Life [Sep. 4th, 2005|11:10 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
So it's sunday night, and I'm walking the dogs, and two Detroit tracks are running around in my head. They sound -- not the same, but like they line up musically in some regards. So...what's a guy who has blown thousands of dollars on studio gear, computers, and software do?

Mashup time!


BTW Ableton Live does a great job of this...
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Entering the 802.11G Zone [Sep. 4th, 2005|11:59 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
Got a Linksys WRT54G wireless router today -- it occured to me we have 3 computers in the house that can connect with a 802.11G access point, so time to retire the DLink DI-614+ ... which probably means very little to a lot of people who might read this, so I'll summarize by saying it is 5 times faster wireless internet.

I had always left my wireless connection wide open, so I took this opportunity to turn on encryption. Not that anyone is likely war driving in my neighborhood, but better safe than sorry, since all my machines share drives over the net.

I had trouble with 2 laptops, that appeared to connect, but never got IP addresses from the router. The network icon had the message 'Little or No Connectivity' -- well duh, but nothing anywhere I could find suggested the cause of the problem. Finally found something on Microsoft Support that hinted that you get this message if authentication fails. So I looked at the WEP keys on the two machines that couldn't connect, and yep, the WEP key had one digit wrong.

Why the effing hell doesn't Microsoft Windows just say "whoops, authentication failed!"? Instead it shows every indication of having made a good network connection, except that nothing worked.
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