November 10th, 2005


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Good ol pipecock's meme:

Load all the music in your mp3 collection into your player, hit shuffle play, and list the first 10 tracks that come up:

1. Goldie Looking Chains "Draw Club"
2. Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun"
3. Rebecca Gates (no title given) -- Kate Simko remix
4. The Abyssinians "Declaration Of Rights"
5. Yasushi Miura "30# 30a 30s"
6. Wire "106 Beats That"
7. Force Of Nature: "A Dark Nebula"
8. Harmonic 33 "Planet 54"
9. Yasushi Miura "Untitled" (Track 8 of Medical EP, #38 in his Instant Construction series)
10. Yasushi Miura "11# 11a 11s" (from Electronic Works 2.2)
11. Lusine "Drip"
12 Jeff Bennet "New Ethos"
13. Jabwai "This Thang"
14. Thievery Corporation "Vivid" -- fuck me if that's not a Muzlimgauze sample at the beginning.
15. Lusine "Still Frame"
16. Violent Femmes "Prove My Love"
17. MC Frontalot "Indier Than Thou"
18. Stars "What The Snowman Learned About Love"
19. Thievery Corporation A Warning(dub)
20. United Future Organization "Listen Love" (osunlade mix)

This is skewed a bit because my collection at work comprises random cds i've ripped for convenience, stuff friends have sent me, bittorrents (including a 5-album torrent of Thievery Corporation, who I'm really not that in love with).

I'm tempted to try it at home where I have most of an 80 gig hard drive full of MP3s.