December 2nd, 2005



This is a friend of mine Todd Kimm who has been recording his own songs for about a year. He sent me the raw tracks he recorded and I brought them into Cubase and set up processing. My basic strategy is to put categories of sounds -- vocals, guitars and drums -- on their own output buses, and then add effects. I added some subtle flange on the mandolin, and played the B3 organ part. There's one reverb on send, which I tried to keep subtle -- you can hear it at the beginning on the vocal, but other than that it's just a hint of space around the recordings. The guitars get a subtle tempo delay with the echoes panned hard left and right.

My own critique after listening on my work computer speakers is that I need to cut the bass quite a bit and bring up the acoustic guitar and drums. Right now it would rattle your trunk pretty good, which isn't really something you expect from this kind of music.

Todd hasn't even heard this yet so keep it under your hat. BTW Todd is the publisher and editor of the Little Village -- the local free paper.