December 28th, 2005


Pride and Prejudice Movie

I saw Pride And Prejudice last night, and it was kinda all right. Kiera Knightly was very watchable, and acted well enough, Matthew MacFadyen was good as Mr. Darcy. And it is beautifully photographed. But a couple of things I found pretty curious: They invented dialog -- indeed a couple of whole scenes -- to keep things moving and pump up the romance. The very last scene is not in the novel at all, and is pretty icky. I know that what makes a good novel doesn't necessarily work in a film, but this seemed a bit over the line. The second thing that I found confusing was a constantly moving camera. There were lots of long steadycam shots, tracking shots, even shaky handheld shots. I found it distracting.

Then there's the fundamental question of why they even bothered to make the film, except to make cash. The tone of the movie is artsy and high-falutin, so someone thought they were making art. But this comes off more as an Elizabeth Bennet biopic. The BBC miniseries had the luxurie of several more hours to tell the story, and I don't think this new version tops it.