February 3rd, 2006


my top ten disco favorites

In no particular order. I was actually around for Disco but really wasn't into it at the time. It seems like really appreciating dance music needs a way of listening I hadn't yet acquired. Now when I hear these tracks, I can't describe how good they make me feel. It's music that's optimistic, giddily romantic, disposable, yet impossibly deep. 3 artists (arthur russell, chic, and patrice rushen) provide 6 of the tracks.

1 chic 'good times'
2 anita ward 'ring my bell'
3 dinosaur l 'go bang'
4 loose joints 'is it all over my face'
5 inner life 'aint no mountain high enough'
6 donna summer 'i feel love'
7 patrice rushen 'haven't you heard'
8 patrice rushen 'forget me nots'
9 mcfadden and whitehead 'aint no stopping us now'
10 chic 'i need your love'

Other tracks that go into my box with those

fine young cannibals 'drive me crazy (dub me crazy mix)'
magazine 60 'don quixote'
tom tom club 'wordly rappinghood'
metro area 1-4 (new school)
dc larue 'hot jungle drums and voodoo rhythms'
talking heads 'i zimbra'
michael jackson 'do you remember the time (steve 'silk' hurley mix)
evelyn "champagne" king 'get loose'
lisa lisa cult jam 'spanish fly'
crown heights affair 'you gave me love'
songs that rule, but have been ruined by over exposure

earth wind and fire 'shining star'
brothers johnson 'strawberry letter 23'
prince '1999'
chic 'le freak'