February 5th, 2006


the first draft


This is something I did tonight in about 3 hrs. I have a live set coming up and there's some songs I want to learn how to sing, starting with this one. The drums are some gigasampler acoustic kit, the organ is NI B4, the guitar & bass are me. No pitch correction on the voice -- I want to learn to sing in tune. This was a first take, reading the lyrics off of the computer screen. The end is pretty raggedy. But it's a good study towards get the song together.

This song is weird. A lot of Burning Spear's songs are structured pretty strange. In order to play the chords, I had to sing the song or I wouldn't know where the changes are. I suspect Winston Rodney works out the songs on his own, just kind of singing to the palm trees, and when he goes into the studio, the band just learns to fit whatever he sings.

Best Yoghurt Ever

Fage Greek Yoghurt

The first time I had this, in a Deli in New York, I was amazed that yoghurt could taste like this and have this texture. Creamy, substantial, and completely non-fat. It's as miraculous as yoghurt could be. Which, admittedly, is a pretty small miracle, but if you're looking to lose weight, Fage is something that tastes and feels on the tongue exactly like all those foods you're trying to give up.

My serving suggestion du jour: Hot Kashi, sliced kumquats, sliced apples, honey, and Fage yoghurt. Stir the kumquats and apples in the hot cereal over heat until the kumquats soften a bit, mix with the yoghurt in a bowl.

PS If you haven't tried kumquats, and you have a ready source of them, you've waited too long. They're kind of a stunt-fruit -- you eat them peel and all. The juice is very tart, somewhere between grapefruit and lemon, but after the first burst of sour, the sweetness of the rind kicks in. A good way to get more citrus rind in your diet. Don't laugh -- the rind is where all the nutricious stuff is.

And yes, 'Fage' sounds like yoghurt that has caught the gay. Get over it, children.

Underworld Evolution

I saw this last night, and I am still not ready for this level of violence. Granted, you can see almost this much on network TV nowadays, but I'm not sure the world is a better place for this sort of gore party.

I guess I'm supposed to take it as cartoonish -- obviously, it's not a documentary when you can empty a clip from an automatic weapon into a guy's face and it just pisses him off. But for me, 'Underworld Evolution' seemed like "ROTTEN.COM: THE MOVIE." I had a similar reaction to "Sin City," and to a lesser extent "Kill Bill." Somewhere along the line, graphic, sadistic violence has become a norm of sort, to the point where nothing I'd hear or read about "Underworld Evolution" even mentioned it being anything more than "dark."

As for the plot of Underworld Evolution, well there is one, but I was pretty much lost while I was watching it, and puzzled out what was going on after the fact. The movie is driven by fast-paced, brutish slasher battles, so much so that during the love scene, when both parties looked most human, I was bored, and wanted them to get back to it, even though the slaughtering and bleeding and impaling & such made me queasy.

Oh well, I'm showing my age. I guess if you grow up with this stuff, you've made that essential disconnect between on-screen violence and the real world. I just have all too easy a time imagining how much being impaled on a vampire's wing-claw would hurt.