February 12th, 2006


Door Peeper, take 2

Listen to the new version

1) Transpose down into my natural singing range.
2) Simplify arrangement. Listening to the original I noticed the bass line was way less complicated than I was making it.
3) The guitar, instead of going through the Behringer VAmp, direct through the ART Tube MP. I don't really have an amp simulator, but I think that guitar sounds nice direct.

I still am not happy with the vocals, but when I've played out, I sing completely differently, rising to the occasion on when faced with an audience. I have a very specific idea about how to sing stuff, but my ideas are more exacting than my physical instrument seems currently capable of. I probably should use this vocal as a guide, and then ditch it, and not be afraid to punch in a lot more. I know that while there are people who are good on the first take, a lot of professional singers punch in basically every line by the time they're done.

I think live, I can take the outro on guitar and extend it into a kraut-rocky drone piece with guitar freakouts.

David Hasselhof. That's all

David Hasselhof is funny. Just the idea of David Hasselhof. His 'acting' 'career', his 'singing', Norm McDonald's obsession with him on Saturday Night Live. But Hasselhof is a good sport. Every so often he throws us a bone like this ad campaign. For those of you who dream of giant penile Pepsi bottles erupting from the floor and surging towards your nether regions, this one's for you.