March 11th, 2006


In search of a curry

An empty the fridge recipe that was pretty awesom

1. Acorn Spuash.
2. Plain Nonfat Yoghurt
3. Large onion
4. Cooking Oil -- Olive or Peanut
5. Garlic
6. Red Curry Paste (hot thai)
7. Cumin.
8. Salt
9. Pepper
10. (Optional) Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Ginger, Soy sauce, whatever appeals to your palate.

Cut squash in half, bake cut side down in the oven. This can be done in advance. When squash rind starts to darken and insides are soft, take out, and refrigerate until luke-warm.

Scoop Squash into blender or food processor. Add about 3/4 cup of yoghurt per Acorn Squash to blender. Blend until smooth.

Sautee onions on medium high until transparent and browning a bit, Add Cumin (about tsp per squash) Red Curry Paste (about 3/4 tsp per squash), salt (1/2 tsp per squash). Lower to medium heat and stir until spices have been thoroughly combined with onion and cooked. Transfer to blender, and blend with squash until smooth.

Transfer Squash/Yoghurt/Onion/Spice puree to medium-hot pan with a teaspoon of fresh oil, heated until it smokes a bit. Stir constently until it begins bubbling and lower heat to low. Add water or buttermilk to the mixture until it is the desired consistency.

Simmer until heated through, add salt, pepper, lemon juice, to taste.

The squash is rather sweet with a pumpkin-y nose that isn't liked by some -- combining with the yoghurt balances the sweetness and neutralizes the pumpkin-y taste. The result is very smooth, rich tasting, and spicy without the spice overwhelming the fresh flavor of the squash.

I served this with broiled sea bass and basmati rice. A bit of the squash curry with the fish seemd to enhance the fish flavor as well.

An alternate serving suggestion: keep squash mixture fairly stiff, add a beaten egg or two, and spooned into greased cupcake pans. Bake for 1/2 hr at 375, and then switch to high temperature broil to brown the tops. This makes crustless curried squash tarts, which taste better than that description might suggest.