April 5th, 2006


Spam Poetry


and latitudinary see doubleheader a eradicable.
or equilibrium be during a godfather,
on buckhorn may clemson try seduce
some marble some deterring try cicada.
a albuquerque not animate be armada.
and bovine on sprawl but adenomathe
sauerkraut may angel be ameslan.

The great thing about these e-mails is that there isn't even a link to go buy whatever they're selling. It's just like the ghost of Tristan Tzara is loose on the Internet.

Holy Think Different, Batman!

Apple releases a boot loader for Intel Macs

This is the first time I've even considered buying a Mac, because it would allow me to preserve my investment in Windows music software, yet be able to use OSX when I want to.

Of course I would probably have to sell my multiface to buy a firewire audio interface, but that's not a terrible thing. I could make enough off the sale to buy Presonus Firepod. Having decent preamps on each channel is a nice feature because a lot of my synths can have pretty wimpy output levels, and it lets me plug a guitar in direct.