April 14th, 2006


Weird, Political, and Kinda Funny

OK, this is perhaps a hoax, perhaps a real thing, but just writing out the description of what it is makes it seem absurd: Supposedly a guy who posts on the somethingawful.com forums works in the Bush White House, and he wrote a post with some 'insider dirt,' followed up with many replies on the thread.

If it is a fake, it's pretty convincing, for a couple of reasons: Idiosyncratic details, consistency with everything one can know from the outside, and a careful reticence about what he reveals. It's also pretty fucking funny. My favorite is his obsession with how awesome Condoleezza Rice smells, Rumsfeld's "refrigerated underwear" and priapism, and Dick Cheney being a "close talker" with awful halitosis.

Here's a link to where KOS boils it down -- if you want to go to the SA forums you can from there, but it could take you hours to go thru the whole thread, and KOS pulled out just the things this guy "Martin Random" actually said.

This Martin Random never really addresses the biggest question I had -- if he hates the Bush Administration so much, why is he still working there?