June 15th, 2006


Fighting The War You Want, Not The One You Have

US identifies Zarqawi's successor

Why this is complete bullshit:

1. The foreign fighters in Iraq are a tiny minority of the people causing trouble there. The majority of attacks on the 'good guys' comes from various factions in the local population, and any attacks on US personnel and contractors and media people are the exception -- most of the violence is between ethnic groups, and even intra-ethnic factional conflicts. Not to mention the pervasive danger of 'simple' criminals, who exploit the chaos to operate with impugnity.

2. The foreign fighters, in addition to the US Military, and the Iraqi Government, are hated by most of the Iraqi population, because they've killed many Iraqis. The Iraqi insurgencies -- multiple -- only ally themselves with the foreign fighters as a matter of momentary convenience, and a lot of them are as likely to kill the foreigners as work with them.

3. The real problem is that we're there at all. We're a major irritant, an unwanted occupier. If we started pulling out the ethnic conflicts might blow up, but it's just as likely that if faced with actually running a country without outside interference, the various factions will figure out how to cut a deal. If the foreign military is removed from the equation, the Al Qaeda fighters will lose their primary target, and will have to run for the hills if they continue to kill Iraqis on their own soil.

So the emphasis on Al Qaeda/Iraq over the past two weeks seems like a transparent, cynical effort to push attention away from the bloody, expensive failure the US has perpetrated in Iraq. Shame on the media for taking the bait.