June 16th, 2006


Those Wacky French

I was having drinks with my friends in a little bar in the Bastille, and we were accosted by two people in royal blue spandex who were passing out cups of this bland 7-Up drink, called Pschitt.

Of course the first thing I said after a sip was "This tastes like Pschitt."

As near as I can figure 'Pschitt' is an onamatapoeic word in French, for the sound a bottle of carbonated water makes when you open it. It shows up in old Perrier ads, if you do a google image search.

Of course, now they know very well what 'Shit' is in English, and were eager to exploit that as well -- my friends got his and her Pschitt T Shirts -- his says "I'm a Pschitt Pusher" and hers says "I'm a Pschitt Addict."

God bless those zany cheese eating surrender monkeys. Sometimes Paris is elegant and haughty, and sometimes it seems like it's a movie directed by Jerry Lewis.

John Cale VS Brian Wilson

In Brugge, Belgium I skimmed through a CD/DVD store in their used bins and picked up 2 CDs for about $9 a piece:
John Cale, The Vintage Years and Brian Wilson Presents Smile
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Track Listing
Wilson. "Our Prayer"
Cale. "Emily"
Wilson. "Roll Plymouth Rock"
Cale. "Mr Wilson"
Wilson. "Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine"
Cale. "Heartbreak Hotel"
Wilson. "Surf's Up"
Cale. "Fear Is A Man's Best Friend."
Wilson. "Good Vibrations"
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