August 13th, 2006


tack tracks

One of my musical sidelines is collaborating with my friend Tim Tack AKA Tack Fu. Tack is a unique character in Iowa hip hop -- he wears his ignorance of the nerdy side of music like keys, chords, and stuff like that proudly. Everything he does he does, he does by ear. He got his start with a 4 track, a turntable and a lexicon jamman, sampling straight from vinyl and toggling loops in by hand.

I got him going on a crappy computer and Acid Pro 2 and he's gotten interesting results out of it. He still does stuff kinda ghetto from time to time -- lay in samples without regard for beats or bars or the track tempo, but has a knack for finding a groove. He then throws me these raw beat + bassline, or even just a beat, and then I get to mess them up.

We don't really finish them as tracks, they're left open, either for MCs to flow over, or to license for cable networs to use them as sountrack cues. His beats are all over MTV, A&E, Lifetime, and Discovery channel, placed through a library music company.

This is his beat with my bass and string sequencing. It uses something that's almost too slight a trick to call a technique; it uses 12 beat loops instead of 8 or 16 beat loops. His original beat is more constructed of 16 beat modules, but the 12s seemed to fit over them in a pleasing way. Boards of Canada uses 3 and 6 measure loops a lot which is gives them that rotating feeling -- four 12 beat loops over 3 16 beat loops.