August 28th, 2006


silly walks

Just wanted to draw attention to my new user pic, which I actually made myself, with a program I wrote in C++ (using ITK) to extract sub-images from this picture:

Then I used the Gimp to turn the individual frames into an animation.

Any suggestions on how to make it smoother are welcome. Any good open source Tweeners out there?


I got a Kalimba for Christmas, or a Mbira or something. Usually these are a sort of box with a soundhole but this one has a solid piece of rosewood as a resonator.

I hooked up a condenser mic through a tube preamp and sampled each tine of the kalimba, and then stuck them into a Kontakt patch, and spread it's roughly two octave range out to 5 octaves. The bulk of the track is that kalimba patch. All the percussion sounds are mouth noises or banging on stuff laying around in my studio. The only instrument whas a anklet shaker made of goat hooves.

Getting a bassline out of the Kalimba was a challenge becuase there's an inharmonic relationship between the kalimba's fundamental and overtones, so down a couple octaves, it starts sounding kinda strange. I just puzzled it together as best I could, and a couple places it's a little odd, but in an interesting way.

The last half has some live kalimba processed through Vas Modular. The filtered noise in the sound is the microphone picking up the sound of my computer's fans.

I think I want to cut the drums more in the second half, and I think this might sound with Lucas playing some bowed dulcimer.