October 25th, 2006


A Pen Warmed Up In Hell

Keith Olbermann, on the Republican Fear Machine

Once again, Olbermann serves up some raw bloody rare meat for liberals. This guy makes Amy Goodman seem pretty mild; I'm amazed he's allowed to be on television -- they'd NEVER allow someone to go off like he does on CNN.

But even if you don't agree with him, you have to admire the quality of the writing and delivery. That's some Peter Finch in "Network" shit right there.

Ever since Reagan was elected in 1980, I've wished that Mark Twain was still alive to take the piss out of the bloviating, mendacious, corrupt assholes that have been allowed to govern in the US. With Olberman, Garrison Keillor and John Stewart, maybe we have a start. Of course, you can simply go back and read Twains political writings and they're as apt today as they ever were. Start with The War Prayer.

Every time I see a Republican President speak, my blood pressure rises because they have only two forms of discourse -- either they're spinning delusional fantasies about how the world works or they're just plain lying. Why do people grant them even the smallest shred of credibility? I don't like elitism -- after all the Republican Party is nothing if not a power elite with utter contempt for the rest of humanity -- but it's easy to despair when you see polls indicating that huge swaths of the populace believe their bullshit. They can't all be stupid, so it's ... what? Is it just that the "We're all right, Jack, fuck the rest of them" philosophy allows the greedy and selfish a way to feel good about themselves? Is it the constant drumbeat of fear?

Seriously, someone explain it to me.