November 1st, 2006


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There's a kid in town who wants to buy some beats, and I keep making
totally inappropriate versions of a hip hop beat for him.

This is the First thing I've done with Cubase 4, of which Steinberg kindly sent me a review copy. They also sent me the Halion Orchestra too; 20 gigabytes of samples on 4 DVDs...

Battery 3 Jazz Kit
Lap Steel Guitar
Electric Guitar
Some Bass patch

All the guitars are recorded pretty clean and then messed up with
Cubase 4 amp simulators and such.

It is a little over-compressed -- straight out of Cubase, without any
mastering the track average level was -11 RMS which in mastering terms
means TFL: Too Fucking Loud.

But I like it from the standpoint that it's just one simple thing...

Good Ol John Kerry

There's been this big flap over something Kerry said to some college kids -- stay in school or they'll end up in Iraq. George Genius Bush interpreted this to mean that JK was disrespecting the troops in Iraq. I don't want to get into that at all -- a billion bloggers and Republican asshats have already beat that horse dead.

What I do want to say is this: John Kerry needs to STFU and go bottle ketchup or something. Bush didn't win the last election, Kerry lost it, and he lost it because of stuff like this: He has a tin ear for political speech, and even when he's right, and sincere, he looks like he's being fed lines through an ear piece. You lost in 2004, Kerry, you need to stop trying to be a national figure. Half the country hates you, and the other half doesn't like you very much. Are you such a glutton for punishment? Just keep your head down and try and do something positive as a Senator, which is your day job after all.

John Kerry is a giant turd in the Democratic punchbowl. Get him the fuck out of our faces. and our punchbowl. And make us some new punch.