November 12th, 2006


crazy web weirdness

So, I posted about this yesterday, and the weirdness just keeps on happening. In particular is fux0r3d, and it's messed up both in IE and Firefox... Here's an example -- click on it if you want to see it original size...

The only change to my computer before I noticed this? Installed a new hard disk, then installed Halion Symphony Orchestra to that hard disk... I can't think of any way both browsers could get so hosed at the same time... when I look at flickr with another computer on the same LAN, no such problem.

Not another post about Borat ...

... well I lied in the subject line. Been trying to go see this, and 3 times it's been sold out. I don't know if they've opened it on more screens yet, but it's on only one screen in Iowa City. I've seen movies sell out the first few nights of their run in Iowa City, but never two weekends in a row. Either Borat is generating insane word of mouth, or Iowa City is a hotbed of Borat-mania.

Actually, seeing it sold out so many times, and seeing the people in line, makes me want to see it less, somehow. Good on Sasha Baron Cohen, though. After the success of Ali G, he moved to LA to try and get into movies, and couldn't get arrested for a couple of years. But with that "Ricky Bobby" movie, and this, he's shown those Hollywood people for the chumps they are. He's also, in the process, delivered a body blow to journalistic integrity in the US, when news outlets like CNN are willing to interview him in character.

I guess now he's going to do a Bruno movie, but what I'd like to see would be a really good Ali G movie. The first one was seven kinds of crap on toasted shit.

And wtf is up about him always being called "an observant jew" in press reports. I suppose that means he doesn't eat pork chops and goes to synagogue more than just on high holidays, but why does the 'observant' part matter? It makes me sound like he's really good at those "what's different in these two pictures" puzzles, or that he's always finding valuable coins in his pocket change...