November 16th, 2006


Where my Francophones at

So there is this word that turned up in a song lyric "tueuse", which is apparently a common term that shows up in place names, but no online French dictionary or translator knows what it it or what it means...

I kind of like it that a whole country knows a word about which the Internet knows nothing.

Mylene Farmer

From Avant que l'ombre by Mylene Farmer.

Porno Graphique -- there's a lot of things that are cool about this -- a nice mid-tempo sorta electro-funk beat, male/female singing an octave apart, and a filthy analog bassline. And she's french. The whole album is very shiny pop that is different enough from the swill they make here in the states to be enjoyable. There have been great advances in buff the turd commercial audio production, and it's nice to hear them used for good instead of evil. She reminds me a bit of Kate Bush.