November 19th, 2006


transparently full of shit

Heather Havrilesky, my favorite writer on Television, dropped this science just as an aside in her Salon TV Column:

'Consider the most brutally honest public figure of the last 30 years: Jimmy Carter. Every time Carter opened his mouth and spoke the truth, the media declared him an unabashed loser. How fitting that he would lose to Ronald Reagan, the most transparently full-of-shit president in modern history and, not coincidentally, the president most universally embraced by a culture that begs to be spoon-fed sugary lies. Reagan knew how to tell Americans what they wanted to hear: "We're winners, we're winning! If we keep stockpiling nukes, we'll be winners forever and ever!" Yes, every mushroom cloud has a silver lining."'

Heather has it all -- she's really funny, she has something original to say about Television, and her word-upon-word writing skills are second to none.