December 13th, 2006


MacOSX adventures

The continuing theme of this narrative is that MacOSX sucks in that it's kind of like Unix but different enough in obscure and needlessly complex ways to continually throw up roadblocks to getting my work done.

First problem today? In order to work on our software some environment variables need setting. On Linux (or SunOS, or Irix, or any other normal Unix) you put commands to define them in your login script. On MacOSX you have to put an xml file in a hidden directory, and there's nothing in the MacOSX help to tell you diddly about it, and you have to look around with Google to find out what the motherfucking deal is.

And just to show what a bunch of dirty hippies they are at Apple, if you search in help on 'Environment' the first topic to come up is 'Protecting the environment' which has a bunch of PR bullshit about how Apple loves Mother Earth.

And I notice there are a lot of help pages that are just like this -- Apple PR-speak instead of helpful information. Why the FUCK are they advertising for themselves inside their help files? It's as annoying as Wolf Blitzer continually braying during his newscasts about how ubercoolische CNN is.

Think different is apparently a different way of spelling 'Eat shit and tell me it's ice cream.'

Is anyone doing software development on OSX? That I could bug offline very occasionally? I promise to keep my Apple-bashing to a minimum.